A big thank you to the 25 or so people who despite the bad weather turned up at the open meeting on Monday July 26th at the sports complex.
It’s good to speak to them and find out their skills and what they would like to do, or take on as a project at the Men’s Shed.
Thank you also to Ellie and Emma from MUNA who came along at the end of the meeting and talked about ways that the Men’s Shed and MUNA can work together in helping to better things in the community, we look forward to this.
One of our patrons, Stevie Spit also arrived at the end of the meeting to discuss potential venues for fundraising shows.

We are still awaiting official news on when and where the building of the Shed will take place, but hopefully this will be completed before the end of the year.

A third Drop-In Meeting has been arranged for Monday 23rd August at Mel’s Kitchen 11:00hrs—13:00hrs, all welcome.

Fundraising events will be taking place soon, please come along and support them as they will help raise much needed money which will go towards buying tools and equipment for the Shed.

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